Environmentally Friendly Packaging

10 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

1 Cardboard Stool

Sustainable, practical and innovative, the chair is sturdy enough to be used as a bedside table, coffee table and even as a seat.

2 Paper Bottles

Californian company Ecologic came up with a genius way to manufacture paper bottles from recyclable materials.

The outer shells are made from recycled cardboard and newspaper, which conceals a thin, plastic recycled liner inside.

3 Bright Idea

If you’ve ever thought certain products come with too much unnecessary packaging inside the box, then you’ll probably like this idea.

It’s created from a single strip of recyclable cardboard and offers protection while still displaying the bulb.

4 Newspaper egg carton

While many eco-friendly packaging ideas focus on reducing materials, this innovation takes that one step further.

Marian Obando came up with a way of making a basic egg carton from one sheet of discarded newspaper.

5 Cardboard Balls

Korean innovators Unplug Design thought up a super idea, not only for a recyclable purpose for packaging, but also in providing something fun for children living in developing countries

Called the Dreamball, their innovation is to turn a cylindrical aid package into a cardboard ball, including a soccer ball, baseball and handball.

6 Reusable bag

It’s a bag made from fewer raw materials and can be re-used afterward.

The company estimates the bags save more than 60% of water, energy and diesel compared to traditional bag manufacturing processes.

7 Carton wine

Wine boxes haven’t always had a great rep.

But more people – and businesses – are coming around to the idea that not only are they economical but friendlier to the planet too.

8 T-Shirt Subscription

Plenty of companies are offering T-Shirt subscription boxes, offering customers a brand-new T-shirt every month.

9 Leaf plates

Leaf Republic have come up with packaging products made from leaves.

The lid is made from bioplastic or recycled plastic, while a three-layer natural bowl is made of leaves, water-proof leaf-made paper and, you guessed it, more leaves.

It contains no synthetical additives, no coloring, no glue – and get this, the bowl is biodegradable in just 28 days.

10 Plantable Packaging

Pangea Organics, which creates 100% plant-based beauty products, were already pretty big on zero-waste.

But then, they decided to take things one step further and came up with a way of turning their packaging into trees.

They devised a way of incorporating organic seeds, like basil and amaranth, into the boxes so that when the customer has removed their product, they can simply slip off the label, soak the box in water and plant it in the earth.

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